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Minnesota Twins Iron ons

Designing personalized t shirts, pants, hats, costume, curtains, ect. all by oneself with iron on stickers is on the rise now. Do you like Minnesota Twins? You can make one Minnesota Twins t shirts by yourself with Minnesota Twins logo iron on transfers.

Where you can iron on: Cotton, Polyester, Fabric blends, Spandex, Lycra, Linen, Wool and other fabric

Wash and care: Withstands medium to high wash & dry temperatures

Pressure: Medium to firm even pressure

How to heat press?

Temperature: 310F/154C

(1) With home iron:

Step 1: Peel off the bottom protection carefully; Step 2: Preheat your garment; Step 3: Put the iron on sticker on the right position with printed image facing up and heat press with the iron; Step 4: Warm Peel off the mask

Size and iron time: 2”*2”=30 seconds; 4”*4”=60 seconds; 8”*8”=3 minutes; More than 8"*8"=more than 3 minutes

(2)With Heat press machine:

Same steps as with home iron, only for 15 seconds

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